CAR-8060 2-Way Car Alarm System

CAR-8060 2-Way Car Alarm System(2-Way Car Alarm System)

CAR-8060 is latest designed car security; confirm the remotes’ recommend in LCD screen of the 2-way remote. When you arm or disarm your system, you will receive confirmation on the 2-way remote. Once the car siren sounds, the remote will beep or vibrate to let you know. The transceiver range is among 3,000 feet.

Product Features

CAR-8060 2 Way Car Alarm System
• Frequency: ASK 434 MHz
• Includes one LCD 2-Way Transceiver, one 4-button transmitter (Replaceable)
• Anti-scanning grabber hopping code system
• On-Board relays for Door Lock Relays and Parking light flash
• Confirms commands on LCD screen
• Transceiver distance: 1,000~3,000 feet
•Turbo engine time delay function
• Real time clock
• Real time car/alarm status on LCD display remote
• Auto arm function
• Programmable auxiliary output
• Multiple interfaces for optional sensors
• Visual, audio and vibration alert remote control
• Anti-car hijacking system
• Silent arm/disarm alert
• Code hopping technology for anti-scanning and anti-grabbing
• Temperature indicated on remote control
Remote Access to Vehicles Functions:
• Auto door unlock
• Remote trunk release
• Remote engine start
• Keyless entry
• Automatic dome light supervision
• Door/Hood/Trunk detection
• Turbo mode