D.I.Y Door

D.I.Y Door

D.I.Y Door sensor, simple and easy to protect your home.
Reporting alarm by the carry remote.

Product Features

1. Transmitting frequency : 2.495GHz
2. Deviation : 500KHz
3. Data transmitting speed : 250K bit/s
4. Door sensor gets two mode : ARM and DISARM mode
5. The internal door sensor MCU detects the transmitter’s signal every 0.5 second, if there is no transmitting signal during this period, MCU sleeps 0.5 second to save the power. The power consumption is 2uA under Sleep mode. 
6. Under ARM, if someone opens the Doors/Window without Disarm, the sensor starts triggering. Press button number 1 to Disarm. 
7. The transmitter could switch the Door sensor at ARM/DISARM mode. The power consumption is 1.5 Amps if the transmitter wasn’t pressed. It transmits 0.5 seconds while pressing one time.